5 reasons you need a wedding album and why you should order it through me:

1. It’s an invaluable Heirloom. You probably will never sit around a computer with your family and view all the digital images that your photographer gave you from your wedding. But you would probably cuddle up on a couch and flip through an album of your most favorite images from your wedding day- the ones that tell the story of the happiest day of your life. I asked my mom the other day if she still had her wedding photos. She pulled out her wedding album from many years ago. It was still in great shape and it told the story of her wedding day beautifully. It was so fun to see her wedding colors, her beautiful dress and pictures of my parents when they were so young and in love. It was really great to see the style of photography too. I love showing my wedding album to my children. They are so interested and love seeing us in our formal attire and so happy. It also sparked interest in my little girl planning her own wedding. She already knows who she wants to marry and that she wants cake and pie at her wedding.

2. It’s high quality. I understand that Shutterfly and mixbook are cheap, but that’s for a reason. Why would you spend a ton of money getting a professional wedding photographer and then have the beautiful images printed with less quality? A high end wedding album will last forever. They are printed at a professional print shop that has better paper quality and ink that are meant to last a long time. They are beautiful albums that use the highest quality materials.

3. It won’t get lost. How many of you have lost images because your hard drive crashed? I know I have and it’s the worst feeling ever. At one point I thought I had lost all my wedding pictures even. But I’m glad I had them in an album. In our digital world, it’s easy to keep everything digital and stored away. But why not print something out that is tangible? There’s something about having a book that you can touch and look through rather than looking at images on a screen.

4. It’s a good investment. K I know wedding albums are expensive. You just spent thousands of dollars on your venue, your wedding dress, your wedding photographer, everything to make you wedding day perfect. Then once you get those images back, you look through them a few times and then move on with real life. Your images that you spent good money on will just sit in your computer for years and the memories of your big day will fade. I say budget some of that wedding money you got and invest in a wedding album. (Or ask for one from your parents for Christmas). Act on it before you forget... this leads me to my next point...

5. Order one through me. Since newly married life is so busy, it is hard to find time to make yourself an album. I have a professional wedding album designer who will create your album in days. She has made hundreds of albums and is experienced in designing them to tell the story of your wedding day perfectly. She and I will work with you to create the most beautiful wedding album!


Choose from a real leather, pearlescent leather, distressed leather, metallic leather, suede, velvet, or linen cover. See all cover options here.

- 10x10, 20 page album (other sizes available)

- Sturdy, thick lay-flat pages

- Packaged in linen box

- Extra spread $20

(Add ons available– corners, gilding, cover options, debossing) See all add ons here.


DELUXE WEDDING BOOK starting at $265

Choose from bonded leather, faux leather, or linen cover. See all cover options here.

- 10x10, 20 page book (other sizes available)

- Thick lay-flat pages

- Packaged in linen box

- Extra spread $15



Please contact me if you are interested. We can talk about more options and get it just the way you want it! I know you will love it!