Santaquin Canyon | Callie & Mac Engagements

Callie and Mac met in high school during a class when they had to work together in a group. They became friends and started to date their senior year. They both served LDS missions and wrote each other the whole time. When they got home they dated and now are getting married! Callie said they knew they always wanted to marry each other. Their engagement session was so beautiful with all those amazing Fall colors! They were so fun to hang out with!

Payson, UT Temple | Jerika & Ben Wedding

Highlights from Ben and Jerika's wedding:

- They had their reception the night before which was awesome because it didn't make their wedding day super long. All the details at their reception were so pretty! They also had an icecream bar which was awesome.

- The day of their wedding was so easy going. Jerika and Ben came out of the Payson temple happy as could be! Their families were so chill while I took pictures and it went super quick too. I made Jerika's brothers kiss her cheeks which got some funny results. And then I made Ben's sisters kiss his cheeks. haha. Sorry siblings. 

- After we spent a good 45 minutes taking pics around the temple. Ben was being so funny and kept doing his model serious pose and tried to make Jerika do it. She pulled it off, but it took a minute because she was laughing so hard. It was so funny!

- Ben had JAWS socks on. Nice!

- We got a few pictures by Ben's Mustang and then they drove away in it. Fancy!

Congratulations Ben and Jerika!