Woods on Ninth, Sandy UT | Jenn and Eric Wedding

Eric and Jenn’s wedding was so much fun! They got married at the Woods on Ninth and had a beautiful ceremony. Before the ceremony started, the clouds started to come in and the winds picked up. I was so nervous for them that it was going to pour rain any second. The ceremony started and the winds were really strong, so strong that I could barely hear the bishop speaking on the microphone. BUT- it didn’t rain! It was great! Eric’s kids were the flower girls and flower bearer. It was so cute to see them come down the aisle. Then Jenn’s dad walked her down the aisle and to the bridge where her and Eric got married. It was so happy!

Some other favorite things that I loved about their wedding:

  • The food was delicious. Mo Bettah’s catered and boy it was good. PLUS- Jenn made over 200 chocolate chip homemade cookies. Those were bomb!

  • Eric’s kids and nieces and nephews and Jenn’s niece and nephew were all so adorable. They liked having their pictures taken. Kids always make wedding receptions more fun.

  • The Dancing! It was so much fun! I love watching latin dancing- I wish I could do it! Eric’s cousins and aunt and Jenn’s friends were so hilarious! Oh my heck, I wish I would’ve taken video! It was such a party!

  • The send off was fun and one that I’ve never seen before. They all had white balloons and let them go when they came out. It was cool! Another thing I hadn’t seen before was 3 kids getting into the car with the bride and groom haha. Eric and Jenn had them for the night before they went back to their mom. They are DARLING kids.

Congratulations Jenn & Eric!!

Dress:: Sweetheart bridal. https://shop.sweetheartbridal.net/

Hair and Makeup Artist:: Hair Kenzie Makeup Kailee

Florist:: Carol Kingston. http://creativeweddingevents.com/

Entertainment:: Dj Orlandis. (Facebook)

Food:: Mobettahs. https://mobettahs.com/

Cake:: Avenue Bakery. https://squareup.com/store/avenue-bakery

Invitations:: Basic invites. https://www.basicinvite.com/

Rings:: Jared the gallery of jewelry