Provo City Center Temple, UT | Hannah & Brandyn Wedding

Hannah and Brandyn originally had their wedding date in June, but decided to get married sooner. I'm so glad they did! Their wedding day was beautiful! Even though it was a little chilly, the sun was shining!

A few things I loved about their wedding day:

- I love Hannah's dress and her shoes and her jewelry and her flowers. She looked gorgeous! I also really loved the bridesmaid's dresses and shoes. I may have to go do some shopping!

- I loved taking their family's pictures. They made things so easy! They had a lot of family from out of town, so it was good to see those relationships reunite. 

- After the temple, they had a luncheon at Magelby's in Springville. They were so nice to invite me! Brandyn's mom insisted. She is also a photographer and so she was super understanding and helpful and sweet all night. It was good to get to know their family better. Plus the food was delicious. 

- Their reception was at the Copper Creek Event Center in Springville. I really like this venue. Hannah and her mom did an AMAZING job decorating it. It was so simple and classy. I loved the greenery, the flowers, the candles. So pretty!

- After taking a few more family pictures and greeting a few guests, Hannah and Brandyn sat down to eat. Hannah had Brandyn feed her meatballs and it was super cute. I'm glad they took time to eat!

- Hannah and her dad's dance was so sweet, but I really love watching her family. They were smiling and in tears as they watched them. Then her dad gave her to Brandyn. Their first dance as husband as wife and it was just as sweet!

- Hannah and Brandyn cut their cake after and stuffed it in each other's faces. They had cupcakes but had a smaller cake to cut. On the smaller cake, they had Brandyn's parents' cake topper from their wedding. I thought that was special! They also picked their favorite cupcakes. These were SOOO good. Hannah's favorite was the chocolate chip one and Brandyn's the almond one. 

- One thing I really loved was that Hannah didn't want a big bouquet toss, so she tossed it to who will most likely get married next. She tossed it to Brandyn's sister who just got engaged! Woo!

- Next it was time to send off Hannah and Brandyn. They all lit their sparklers and cheered for them as they ran through. 

It was a fun wedding!! Congratulations Hannah and Brandyn!

Photography: Jamie Tervort Photography

Dress:: Alyse's Bridal

Hair and Makeup Artist:: Prichett Bridal and Salon

Florist:: Wright Flower Company

Food:: Landmark Catering

Cake:: It's Snow Delicious

Invitations:: Vistaprint

Rings:: La Rog Brothers


Hobble Creek Canyon, UT | Hannah & Brandyn Formals

Hannah and Brandyn made time on their wedding day to do a formal session in the mountains at golden hour. It was such a beautiful sunny day! We got some great shots despite it being so cold! They're so cute!

Dress:: Alyse's Bridal

Hair and Makeup Artist:: Prichett Bridal and Salon

Florist:: Wright Flower Company

Rings:: La Rog Brothers

Tibble Fork Canyon, UT | Christina & Jared Anniversary

Christina and Jared are celebrating 24 years of marriage and they wanted to do a photo shoot to commemorate that! They are such an easy going couple and are still so cute with each other!! When I first met them I thought they were newlyweds! They are so cute together!