The Martins: Wedding

I had the wonderful opportunity to go shoot a wedding with the amazing April Bladh from Bladh Photography. The couple, Mindy and Simao were the happiest, most in love couple I have ever seen. Mindy was constantly laughing at everything Simao would say. It was so fun to see. Simao was pretty funny, he had April and I laughing pretty hard too. It really was so fun to witness their wedding. I can see why photographers love shooting weddings. I love to photograph love! 

It was fun to be with April too. She is so relaxed and happy and makes shooting a wedding seem so easy. I learned a lot from her that day. She was 38 weeks pregnant! What a woman! I'm glad I was there in case anything happened. But she was good with just a few small contractions by the end. No biggie :) 

Here's a few from that day!