James Tyler: Birth Story

This was one of the most powerful experiences I have witnessed. I'm so grateful that Mary Jane let me be a part of her and Parker's big day as she gave birth to their new son, James Tyler Trowbridge.

I had done one birth story before this (my sister's) but missed the actual giving birth part, so this one was so amazing to see the beginning to the end. Mary Jane was so strong and happy and positive as she pushed. Parker and MJ's mom were there to support her and gave so much encouragement. The doctor got all set up for the delivery and Mary Jane gave a few more pushes and her little boy came into the world. It was a powerful and very spiritual experience to be a part of.  I watched Mary Jane and Parker cry of pure joy as they laid eyes on their little boy for the first time. Wow. I forget how amazing these moments are.

James Tyler was born at 3:05 on June 12, 2014. He weighed 9 pounds 5 ounces (way to go MJ!) They are the cutest family! I was so honored to be a part of this! Congrats you guys!