Tyson & Holly | Wedding | The Moss Cabin, Tollgate Canyon, Park City

Holy smokes! This wedding was AMAZING! Tyson and Holly had the perfect day. The scenery up at the cabin in Park City was beautiful, the weather was just right, and the details were unreal. 

It started out with Holly getting ready with her mom and her sisters. They helped her with her hair and makeup and then they helped her get in her gorgeous dress. Holly was all smiles. I could tell she was nervous but very very anxious and excited as well! 

It soon came time for the ceremony! All of their family and closest friends came to witness this happy event up in the mountains. The procession was wonderful as the 3 groomsmen, 3 bridesmaid and cute flower girl walked down the aisle. Then came Holly with her dad. I turned around and quickly took a picture of Tyson who beamed just looking at her. Holly hugged her dad and then took Tyson's hand as they walked up the stairs to be married. The officiator said some very touching and beautiful words as Tyson and Holly held hands and looked at each other. Then the time came where he announced them as husband and wife! They kissed and then Tyson picked her up and kissed her again. It was so cute! Then Holly sung Tyson a song.  After Tyson read his vows to her and she read her vows to him. It was so special. Now they are officially Mr. and Mrs. Richardson!

They greeted their friends and family. They laughed, they smiled, they cried. 

Then we took a bunch of pictures! Family, wedding party, bride and groom. The works.

Then came the reception. There was a dance floor, a DJ, a candy bar, Cotton candy, Mexican food... Everyone had such a good time. Holly and Tyson walked around and talked with their guests. Pretty soon it was time to cut the cake. And honestly I love it when couples get the look on their face and smash each other's faces with cake. It's the best. Tyson and Holly did not hold back. It was the best! Next it was time for the bouquet and garter toss. Holly's cute little sister was shocked when the bouquet came right into her hands. It was so cute! After Tyson took off the garter off Holly's leg with his teeth, he flung it into the air where Holly's cute little brother caught it. Then came time for the daddy daughter dance and mother son dance. I always love these dances, but my favorite is when the couple takes their first dance together. They dance as if like no one else is watching and it's just the two of them on the dance floor. I love it. But pretty soon, the song was over and Tyson and Holly broke down dancing! Then the whole crowd joined them. It was fun! Near the end, Tyson broke out his fire poi. So sweet! 

The whole day was so perfect! I'm so happy for Tyson and Holly and that I got to be a part of their special day!

Dress: A Bridal Center. Lehi.

Bouquet: Flowers on Vine

Cake: Leslie's Bakery

Suit: Nordstrom

Invitations: Me!