Deric & Hayley | Mount Timpanogos Temple | Wedding

I could go on and on about how awesome Hayley and Deric are. They were SO fun to work with. They were always laughing, smiling andI guess that is why I love working with couples who are in love. They are always happy! Anyways, the day was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was cloudy and so it made for the perfect light for pictures. Plus it was a Tuesday so the temple was not busy. That was a plus! Deric and Hayley came through those doors absolutely ecstatic to be the new Mr. and Mrs. Lambdin! They even did a little dance. They did their happy dance a lot and I loved it. Everyone congratulated them and gave them hugs. Then we did family pictures and bride and groom pictures. Everyone was so patient and nice even though it was a cold day.

After we headed over to Highland Gardens where they did a ring ceremony. I love taking pictures at the temple, but I really really love civil ceremonies too. I love taking pictures of them walking down the aisle. I love the flower girls and ring bearer and what I love most is when they exchange vows. It is always so sweet and I love to hear them express their love for each other. 

Afterwards we had a little break then came back for the reception. The reception was so much fun. Hayley and Deric went around chatting with their friends and family while everyone else ate and danced. There was A LOT of dancing which kept things REALLY exciting. There was so much fun and positive energy the whole time. Hayley and Deric's families are FUN. I especially loved to watch Hayley's dad dance with all his grandkids and his daughters. Everyone was so fun and goofy. It was so great! They had such a fun time celebrating Hayley and Deric.

I wish them the very best! I know their life and marriage will always be fun and exciting because of the happy people they are. Thanks for being so awesome! Love you guys!



Thanks to Camilia Lund for second shooting with me!

Dress: Gowns by Pamela

Cake: The Mighty Baker