Tori & Jimmy | Wedding | Mount Timpanogos Temple

I loved Jimmy and Tori's wedding day. It was a very very cold day, but the sun was shining just for them! The temple was wonderful and Jimmy and Tori were extra extra happy this time. Of course, they just got married! During their bridal and groom pictures, Tori says, "Hey Jamie, this will be the FIRST time we will run together as husband and wife!" I loved their energy! 

For the reception, they had it at a church. And cultural halls are not the prettiest, but wow, they did amazing work! They put white curtains all around and hanging from the ceiling. It looked completely different and it was so beautiful. I loved taking pictures of all the details. Especially their rings. Tori's ring is GORGEOUS! The reception was great. I really loved the cake smash. Tori faked us all out and didn't wait until they were both ready to smash the cake. Right after they cut it, Tori grabbed some and smashed it up in Jimmy's face. It was so funny! Then Jimmy got her back good. It was hilarious. Next, Tori and her dad had their father/daughter dance. Her dad started tearing up and it was so cute when Tori wiped his tear away. Then her dad gave her off to Jimmy. Jimmy and Tori's dance was very special. I love the way they look at each other. They will have a very happy life together!

Congratulations to Jimmy and Tori LaRue!


Dress: Mary's Bridal

Hair and Makeup Artist: Mindy Sorenson

Florist: 5th East Hall

Food: Village Inn

Cake: Glenda Robertson

Invitations: Kelsey Sorenson

Second Shooter: Mary Jane Trowbridge (she's amazing!)