Payson Canyon | Brandon & Sarah | Formals

Sarah and Brandon won our Free Bridals Contest that Elizabeth and I posted a few months back. It was so hard to pick the winner, but me and Elizabeth fell in love with their story. 

Brandon & Sarah met in church. They talked and got to know each other a little, but didn't go on their first date until this dinner that Brandon had going on. Except he didn't bring Sarah. He had already asked another gal, so Sarah was asked by his friend. So they were both there and Brandon was making eyes at Sarah the whole time. After the dinner, he dropped off his date and met up with Sarah. From then on, they became boyfriend and girlfriend and a few months later, they were engaged. 

But seriously, this couple is the cutest. I love how sweet and gentle Brandon is with her. You'll see it in the pictures. And Sarah is so funny and such a spitfire. I love it! And I love her accent! The first look was so sweet and kind of emotional! It was, tender. Sarah told me before that Brandon better cry. Well, he was super happy and Sarah was the one that cried when he first saw her. It was so cute! I'm so happy for them and wish them the very best!

Elizabeth and I collaborated with some pretty awesome girls! Amy of Beauty by Blood did Sarah's hair and makeup. Holy amazing! I recommend professional makeup for every photoshoot.

Mel of Mel Haupt Floral made the most gorgeous bouquet! She is pretty dang talented herself. She also made a bout and a gorgeous hair piece and crown for Sarah. Flower make a world of difference too I feel. They add such a gorgeous touch to the pictures.

This experience was so wonderful! I want to do it again!