International Peace Gardens | Emily and Natha Formals

Emily sat in the back of the car while Natha sat up front blindfolded and her mom drove. She had to make sure he didn't see her! When they got there, I held up a blanket while Emily changed into her wedding dress. Natha changed into his suit. When he was done, I walked him to the spot where he would get to see his beautiful bride in her dress for the first time. I could tell he was so nervous! I went back and got Emily. She looked stunning in her dress. And her mom made the most beautiful bouquet. I had Emily go behind Natha and walk up to him a little ways and then she told Natha he could turn around. Well Natha was so dang cute and could not turn around. He was so nervous. Once he did turn around, he was blown away. They were so dang cute as they hugged and smiled at each other. It was adorable!

I loved taking the rest of their pictures. They have a cute relationship. And since they speak Spanish to each other, I have no idea what they're saying, but they're always smiling and laughing!