Silver Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT | Emily & Natha Engagements

Emily and Natha are together AT LAST! They have had quite the journey of trying to get Natha's Visa so that he can come to the US and get married. They have had to postpone their wedding 3 times. But FINALLY, he got it and came last Friday. Wahoo!

Emily loved Silver Lake for her engagements, so we got to drive up the canyon and show Natha how beautiful Utah is! Then, come to find out, Silver Lake has snow. It was his first time seeing this much snow and his first time being in this cold. He said that he was just so cold that his smile was frozen on. haha. Emily and Natha are so SWEET together. I barely even told them what to do and how to pose because they kept doing the cutest things. I think they are super excited to get married next week!!