Payson Temple, UT | Marta & Jacob Formals

I was so excited to see Marta and Jacob again! They're always to fun to be around! We started up Payson canyon first but my usual spot was extremely icey and I forgot to tell Marta to bring boots so all she had were her heels. I was already slipping around in my boots, so we went up a little bit further and found this awesome spot! It had a lot more snow and wasn't icy. Yay. 

Jacob's reaction to seeing Marta was so cute! We had a little mishap though and her veil flew off, so we did a second "first look". His reaction was good the second time too. Way to go Jacob! After taking a few pics in the canyon, we went to the Payson temple. It was so much colder and windier there. Their hands and noses were turning red. I don't know who was colder. They were both shaking like leaves. But their pics still turned out so cute! They didn't let the cold bother them! Hopefully, their wedding day will have snow on the ground and be less cold!