Salem, Utah | Kiery High School Senior

This was one of those sessions where I said to myself afterwards, this is why I love doing photography... I get to meet awesome people, get to know them, and be in some beautiful and amazing locations. 

Kiery was such a sweetheart. She is so kind, easy to talk to, sweet and beautiful! She was a part of FFA at Salem Hills High School, so she thought it would be cool to take her senior pics at a farm. Her Aunt works at a farm in Salem, Utah and was so nice to show us around. She works in a pretty part of the world. 

So we were nervous about the weather getting bad and near the end it started to rain. I wasn't feeling quite done yet, and neither was Kiery. The rain slowed and we braved going out in it. We went into the field of horses and took some pictures of the horses and the sky. It was pretty amazing! The mares were so pretty running around the field with their babies (one was born that day!). It was a great experience! Kiery is stunning!