Provo Canyon | Wyss Family Pictures

I have the greatest, easy-going clients! It was pouring all day and evening on the day of their family photoshoot. I have gotten so sick of this unpredictable weather and didn't want to cancel. I drove up to our meeting spot up Provo Canyon and it was pouring. I was thinking there is no way they will want to bring their little girl out in these elements. When they got there, they were so nice and ready to go! We waited out the weather for a little bit and it did slow down. So we went for it. It turned out to be a great night and the sun even came out for a little. bit. We only got poured on for 5 minutes haha. Braelyn, their little girl was all smiles. She was so wonderful! 

I'm so excited that I get to photograph their sealing day coming up in July! Yay!