Provo Canyon | Chelsie & Austin Engagements

I'm so excited that my husband's cousin is getting married! She brought Austin to Grandma Mathews in California  house over Thanksgiving where we got to meet him! He is so nice and I knew they'd be a good match! Chelsie's mom, Aunt Debbie asked me to take their family pictures while I was there and of course I was happy to. Austin came a long too and since he was there, I made him and Chelsie take some together. They might've been a little embarrassed with her parents there, but I bet they liked having them! 

I'm very happy that they decided to tie the knot! It was so fun to take their engagement pictures. It was also great chatting with them and getting to know them both better. They are so dang cute with each other. Austin made Chelsie laugh like crazy. I got so many cute candid ones of them just being themselves. Congrats you two!