Draper, Utah Temple | Ellen and Nate Wedding

I'm so happy that warm wedding days are back! And the flowers are back, yay!

Ellen and Nate were both pretty stoked to be married. Who wouldn't be?! They came out of the doors and everyone cheered. Almost instantly, Nate's cute nephew came and gave them hugs. Way to start off the hugging little dude! Everyone was super happy for them. 

We took some quick pics in front of the temple. I love all the tulips that are there right now. Makes the pics that much more pretty! We did family pics, friend pics and then took of few more of Ellen and Nathan around the temple. Everything was so gorgeous! Ellen looked so beautiful in her dress from Fantasy Bridal. And I loved her flowers and her flower crown that her Aunt created. 

The next day, they had their reception at Wheeler Farm. It was in the middle of the day and I loved it! The lighting in the barn was great and it was such a pretty day outside too.

Ellen and Nate's wedding was so beautiful. Ellen, her mom and her aunt and I'm sure a lot more people put in so much work to make every little detail gorgeous. One thing that I really loved was they printed and put their pictures everywhere. I love that! 

After everyone greeted Ellen and Nate, it was time to cut the cake! I don't think they really talked about what they were going to do before– whether it was to stay nice or shove it in their faces. So Ellen went first and nicely put it in Nate's mouth and then put a little more and then tried shoving it in his face. Then it was Nate's turn. He went for it and shoved it in her face. It was hilarious. Some of it went down her dress too. Oops! Oh and by the way, Ellen made her own cake!! She did an amazing job!

Next, Ellen and her dad danced. Ellen's dad is the cutest. He really loves his little girl. I couldn't get over how sweet and kind and funny he is. He and Ellen had fun dancing. Then he passed her to Nate for their first dance together as husband and wife! I love this part. Nate is so sweet to her. They danced by themselves for awhile, but soon everyone wanted to join the party! 

After a while of dancing, Ellen threw her bouquet. Her sweet little cousin who looks up to Ellen so much caught it. It was perfect. After that was all over, everyone gathered outside to make a tunnel to send them off. 

What I really loved after was Ellen and Nate really wanted to go down the slide at the park. So we walked over there and all the kids were staring at them. One little girl when she saw them exclaimed, "Holy Peanut Butter!". It was so funny. Ellen and Nate sat on the slide and then slid down. It was pretty awesome! I had so much fun being their photographer!