Provo, UT Temple | Maddie and Connor Wedding

This was my first time photographing a wedding at the Provo, Utah temple. I was actually pretty excited about it! I'm so happy that Maddie and Connor chose to get married here. There was no one else there and the grounds are so beautiful.

Maddie and Connor came out of the temple as Mr and Mrs Walker. Maddie was smiling ear to ear and Connor was excited too and did a little dab move. haha. They hugged their family and their friends. Maddie's cute friends were so excited for her! We took a big family group picture in the hot hot sun. Then we went around back looking for shade, but could not find any. We still took all the family pictures and wedding party pictures. Everyone was super patient and nice. At the end, we turned on some JT Can't Stop the Feeling and everyone danced. It was so fun! I like this wedding party!

Later that night I came back for the reception in Maddie's Aunt's backyard. It was the coolest backyard! It had 4 levels to it. First you went around the back to greet Maddie and Connor. Then you could get cotton candy, popcorn, and more candy to eat. Then on your way up the stairs to the deck, you could pick up Maddie and Connor's wedding soundtrack. On the deck, there were cookies, strawberries and pretzels to eat. If you decided to go down to the other levels of the backyard instead, you could play on a playground and then go down another level and get smores, sit by a fire, and swing on hammocks. The atmosphere was awesome! Plus they had the cutest girl playing the guitar and singing the whole reception. Every decoration and detail were absolutely darling. I loved the centerpieces, the gift table, the cake table, just about everything. Her mom was super awesome and had a lot of Maddie and Connor's formal pictures printed. Love that!

The reception was fun! Everyone hung out and talked. Later Connor and Maddie cut the cake. Connor didn't really care to, but I made him do it! You have to cut your wedding cake! After the cake cutting, we all got ready to send them off with bubbles! Maddie's bridemaids decorated their car. I like how they wrote Harmons all over it, because that was where they met! After they got in the car and drove off, the bridesmaids chased after them! 

It was a wonderful wedding. Congratulations Maddie and Connor! Thanks for letting me a part of your day :)

Dress:: Bhldn by Anthropologie

Hair and Makeup Artist:: Madelyn

Florist:: Madelyn and her mom

Cake: Brooklyn johnston

Photographer: Jamie Tervort Photography