Mount Timpanogos Temple, UT | Jessica & Brett Wedding

I was so happy when Jessica called me a week before her wedding to take their pictures! I was Jessica's young woman's teacher for a short time and absolutely loved her but haven't seen her since. I was pretty excited that she called. She is such a wonderful happy person and the man she married is just like her. They are so adorable together! 

Their families were pretty excited as well. It was a great welcome as they came out of the temple doors. Everyone had their cameras and phones out taking pictures. We went in front of the temple and took the big group picture. It was bright and hot outside, so we found some shade after. Their families were so sweet and nice to me because I was acting like a crazy person, trying to go fast so that I could get the time needed for bride and groom pictures. 

We got done and I took Jessica and Brett around the temple to do some pictures of just them. It was great talking to them and getting to know both of them a little better. They are going on their honeymoon to Universal Studios, Disneyland, and 6 Flags. I'm so jealous! But they deserve an awesome honeymoon before school starts!

Congratulations Jessica and Brett!