Provo City Center Temple | Bekah & Eric Formals

I was nervous for this shoot because of the weather! But Bekah and Eric were awesome and still wanted to go up Provo canyon! It was snowing all day long, but the roads were clear all the way up past Sundance until the parking lot. The snow was super deep, but luckily some snowshoers and snowmobilers packed it down so we wouldn't sink down.

I got to talk to Eric for a few minutes while we waited for Bekah to arrive. I loved hearing their dating story. They had met in a Singles Ward but both were waiting for missionaries to get home, so they didn't date. They teased each other that one would get married before the other because their missionaries got home a day apart. They also teased each other that if things didn't work out with the missionaries, they should get married. Well the missionaries got home and things didn't work out with them, so Eric and Bekah started dating! Now here they are about to get married! 

The formals session was awesome. There was a group of girls getting their pictures done at the same spot, so Eric and Bekah had a little audience when they did their first look. It was so funny to hear the girls squealing and saying awwwww. It was pretty dang cute. Eric was so excited to see her! Bekah's dress was pretty dang beautiful! I kept them in the same spot and just switched up poses so they didn't have a chance of sinking in the snow. Oh but I did. Every other step I was up to my thighs. What a workout! After awhile, it started to lightly snow for a bit. It was magical! 

After the canyon, we did a few shots at the Provo City temple until the sun set. It was so pretty!

I'm excited for their wedding Saturday!