Grand View Reception Center, Ogden UT | Carri & George Wedding

I loved being a part of Carri and George’s wedding!

Here are some of my favorite things about their big day:

- Their ceremony was very special. I loved seeing her dad (who is paraplegic) walk her down the aisle. I loved it when Carri shouted for joy after she and George were announced, husband and wife. And I loved when Carri hugged her brother afterward as they both shed tears.

- I really loved the Father Daughter dance. It was the only one that I have been so close to crying at. Carri rode on the back of her dad’s standing wheelchair and they rode around as Carri sung the song in her dad’s ear. Both of them smiling than crying. It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I also was really touched seeing George and his mom dance together. I could tell they have a special relationship too. They laughed and then she cried. She loves her son!

- On a lighter note, one of my favorite things was their donut bar! I’ve never seen one at a wedding. It was great and very delicious too! They also had such a fun photobooth at their reception! It was entertaining to watch everyone pose for pictures. 

- I loved when Carri threw her bouquet. Because she faked out the single ladies twice before she threw it. One of her bridesmaids dove for it and ended up on her bum with the bouquet in her hand. It was great!

- I really loved both of their families and friends. Spending 8 hours there, it was fun to talk to George’s grandparents and play with his cute little cousins. Everyone was so very nice!

- I loved that they had fun dancing at the end! And Carri and George danced next to each other almost the whole time. They were having a blast! Plus some of their guests were hilarious dancers!

I love seeing how happy George and Carri are! Congratulations you two!

Photography: Jamie Tervort Photography

Dress:: Petals and promises

Hair and Makeup Artist:: Carri (the Bride)

Florist:: Jimmys flowers

Food:: Grand View

Rings:: Jareds

Videographer and Photo Booth:: A love story