Salt Lake Temple & Millennial Falls | Rachel & Josh Wedding

December 28th, 2017 was a gorgeous day to get married in December. It was a warmer day and the sun was shining! It was perfect and that's exactlly what Rachel and Josh deserve! I'm so excited for them and loved when they came out of the temple doors as husband and wife!

Some of my favorite things from their wedding were:

- How easy going everyone was while taking pictures. It was a busy day, but everyone was patient and it all worked out! Their wedding party was so fun and throwing out some fun ideas! 

- My favorite part of the wedding day is always taking just the bride and groom around the grounds to take photos of them. Rachel and Josh are so chill and so awesome to work with! Plus they were extra happy to take pictures that day. I wonder why?!!!

- The reception was at Millennial Falls in Draper. it was my first time going there! The outside grounds were so pretty and we got to take some extra pictures out there right before the sun set. The best part was that it was Rachel and Josh's idea to take more! Yay!

- We took a lot more pictures inside too. I always like taking more pictures of the family at the reception center. It gives more variety for them to choose from plus they're all in their matching reception clothes! I really liked taking pictures inside here, because the Christmas tree was still up! 

- I really liked their cake topper. I can't remember if it was an Aunt or cousin who made it, but she took a picture of them (that I took) and made it into this metal cake topper. It was so rad!

- I loved Rachel and Josh's first dance. I love seeing the bride and groom finally getting some time together without interruption. It was so sweet!

- After the first dance, there was lots of FUN dancing! And I love seeing everyone come out of their shells. It is hilarious! Josh's brother grabbed the cardboard stand up of his brother and had it crowd surf. so funny!

- Their exit was pretty awesome for two reasons. First there was a bubble machine, but second because Josh changed into a Storm Trooper suit. haha loved it!

Congratulations you two!!! I loved being a part of your big day!


Photographer: Jamie Tervort Photography

2nd Photographer: Flying Gull Photography

Dress:: Mary's Bridal

Hair and Makeup Artist:: My bridesmaids Tiffany and Kylie! :)

Florist:: Millennial Falls

Cake:: Loraine (Groom's dad's cousin)

Rings:: Bride's- Schubach Jewelers, Groom's- Morgan Jewelers