Utah State Capitol, UT | Ashley & Connor Formals

Ashley and Connor are getting married this Friday! I'm so excited for them. Ashley and Connor met in a Singles Ward. Connor asked her out a few times before Ashley said yes, but not because she didn't want to! She was just always busy! They went on their first date to Bicentennial Park where they played frisbee golf. Ashley doesn't love played frisbee golf, but something went right on the date, because they got engaged at that park! They are such a sweet couple and so happy together! For their formal pictures, we drove in a storm to the Capitol. It was so cute when Connor saw her for the first time in her beautiful dress! After taking pictures at the capitol, we decided to see how the temple was even though it was so snowy. It was snowing a lot but we took a few pictures in it. I love snowy pictures and love easy going couples!

Dress: Latter Day Bride

Flowers: Flowers Squared