Salt Lake Temple, UT | Rebekah & Jacob Wedding

Rebekah and Jacob got married on a beautiful spring day! These are some of my favorite things from their wedding:

- I loved their exit. They were both beaming, both so happy and in love! In fact we did the exit twice, because they were so good at it. Haha, really we just wanted to do it after things calmed down and so the videographer could get a good shot :)

- Rebekah's Wedding Dress! I love how it fit her and it was so flowy and simple. She looked gorgeous in it! And her hair was beautiful too! I'm glad it was an up do because it was a pretty windy day. 

- The bridesmaids dresses were so pretty! They all had matched bracelets too. They were seriously so helpful and so funny the whole day. We took some fun pictures by the ice cream truck because their dresses were the exact same color.

- The groomsmen were hilarious too. They came up with some fun picture poses that were pretty funny.

- We got to spend a lot of time with Rebekah and Jacob after all the wedding party and family pics were done. And by the time those were done, it seemed like all the grounds cleared out. It was so nice! They are both so photogenic! And, she wanted some more pictures at an orchard before their reception. Well, all of us got it bad traffic, so by the time we got to Payson, it was already time to start the reception. But Rebekah, being awesome insisted on going late so we could take pics in the orchard. I'm so glad she did, because that orchard was gorgeous and the pics turned out awesome!

- At their reception they had a fun photo booth and a delicious Ice cream truck. Everyone had a really good time!

- Their cake cutting was fun. The bride's dad and friend had to find a knife to cut it because it was something that was forgotten. They easily retrieved a huge knife from a restaurant. It that a little concerning? haha! They took off each other's glasses before smashing the cake in each other's faces. It was great.

- The dances were awesome, the bouquet toss was awesome and the send was awesome too. It was a fun reception!

I'm so happy for Rebekah and Jacob!


Photographer: Jamie Tervort Photography

Second Photographer: Flying Gull Photography

Dress:: Elizabeth Cooper Design @elizabethcooperdesign

Hair Artist:: Hair: Moriah Davis @moriahdavis1995

Florist:: Rose Colored Glasses

Food:: Penguin Brothers Ice Cream Sandwiches @penguinbrothers

Cake:: Bliss Gluten Free Sweets @gfbliss

Videographer:: Captilife Films @captilife