Salt Lake Temple, Red Butte Garden | Kiersten & James Wedding

Kiersten and James' wedding was one for the books! Their day started off at the Salt Lake Temple where it was wet, windy and off and on rainy. I was freaking out a little, but James and Kiersten weren't! They were just so happy to be married and to see family and friends. I loved how easy going they were! Kiersten's mom bought a ton of white umbrellas that helped out. It was very wet! Their friends are family are so nice and helpful that it made things go smooth. From the pictures, you probably can't even tell that it was rainy. After, we went and did more pictures around the temple. It got a little rainier, but we made due! I love how their pictures turned out there. They're just awesome and make every picture look good. 

For the reception that evening, the weather was gorgeous! They had it at Red Butte Gardens and holy cow did it look so pretty there! The purple wisteria coming off the gazebo thing made the perfect backdrop for all the family photos. What a relief it was to me that they had time to take more family pictures where I could actually get some good ones, not in the rain! Afterward, the videographer and I took James and Kiersten around the gardens. Everywhere was stunning and they are stunning! I can't say it enough, they are an amazing couple!

When the reception started, they greeted their guests for about an hour. The guests got to enjoy all the yummy desserts, fruits and cheeses that they had there. They also had delicious looking cupcakes that James' niece (who is 16) made. She also made the cake! After talking to their friends and family, James and Kiersten cut the cake. They chose to shove it in each other's face! They weren't too mean to each other. Then James danced with his mom and Kiersten danced with her dad. I like how they did their dances at the same time. They were so cute! Next James and Kiersten had their first dance. They were laughing, smiling and then just holding each other. It was so sweet! Kiersten threw her bouquet next. It went over the heads of the girls in the front and was caught by James' niece in the back of the crowd. She was very surprised! Then James fetched the garter. Haha, it's always entertaining to watch. After that they did a bubble send off! It was a very fun wedding to be a part of! 

Congratulations Kiersten and James!

Photography: Jamie Tervort Photography

Dress:: Mary's Bridal

Florist:: Hobble Creek Design

Food:: Good Day Catering

Rings:: Custom Ring Jewelry

Videographer:: Jade Smith