Sleepy Ridge Golf Course, UT | Ali & Jessie Wedding

Ali & Jessie are married! It was an exciting day. Ali's dad walked her down to the aisle where Jessie met her with the biggest smile. The officiant gave them a lot of great advice and married them as husband and wife! Wooo!

After they greeted their family and friends as we all walked over to take pictures. The pictures went well. I really loved all the bridesmaids dresses. They had a fun wedding party too! Before the reception, we had a little bit of time to take a golf cart out to take some more pictures. It was such a beautiful day and that golf course is so pretty! Some golfers were nice enough to pause their game so I could grab a few shots of Ali and Jessie. 

Next the reception started! Sleepy Ridge is already a gorgeous venue, but man Ali & Jessie's families sure know how to decorate. They have impeccable taste. I loved the gold accents, the photo booth backdrop, the cake...everything! They had Magleby's cater which is always a good idea. They also had a soda bar and fudge and peaches. It was seriously all so good! Jessie and Ali went around and talked to their guests and reunited with good friends. Before they cut their cake, Jessie's little nephew performed a dance just for them. He's so cute! Then they cute their cake and had their first dance! It really was a lovely reception! They had their sparkler send off and are off to go to Disneyland for their honeymoon! 

Congratulations Ali & Jessie!

Photographer: Jamie Tervort Photography

Dress:: Bridal Center

Hair and Makeup Artist:: Mindy Graham

Florist:: Nannette York

Food:: Maglebys

Cake:: Gaylyn Fausett

Rings:: Sierra West Jewelers

Holy Trinity Cathedral & Millcreek Inn, UT | Nina & Chris Wedding

Nina and Chris' wedding was amazing! I seriously loved everything about it! There were so many special moments and fun times that the pictures can probably tell better than my words. 

I loved that they got married in the Holy Trinity Cathedral. I have never photographed there so it was so fun to see their ceremony and learn a little bit about the Greek Catholic religion. I loved that Nina’s brother walked her down the aisle. I loved the symbolism behind them exchanging rings 3 times, crowns three times and walking around the altar together 3 times. Afterward Father George gave them a few words of advice and they were married! Nina and Chris greeted all their guests with hugs and kisses- everyone there was treated as family. They are both so warm and friendly. After they exited the church and everyone threw rice! It was awesome! 

Their reception was at Millcreek Inn which is so gorgeous with the mountains surrounding everything! We took more pics of the wedding Party and family. I really loved Nina’s bridesmaids- they’re so nice, sweet and helpful just like she is. Plus they looked gorgeous in their pink dresses. 

From the kind words that were said during the toasts to them greeting their guests, I loved learning more about Nina and Chris. They seriously are the most genuine people who love and care for people so deeply. They have so many close friends. They always know how to make me feel wanted and special when I’m around them. They’re just an amazing couple!! 

After a delicious dinner, toasts and greeting their guests, they cut their cake. They had fun and stuffed it in each other’s faces but then they continued to feed each other the cake until the piece of cake was gone. I loved that they were taking time to taste their cake! Next, they had their first dance. It was so cute! Every once in a while, Nina would spin out and put her arms up and everyone would cheer. After Chris danced with his mom, Nina danced with her brother and then her uncle. These dances were hilarious and so much fun! They were having the best time. Then the REAL FUN dancing started. There was a little bit of hip-hop music mixed with some traditional Serbian Croatian music (I hope I got that right). For one dance, pretty much everyone there was on the dance floor learning the dance. It was so much fun! I can't say enough how much fun their wedding was!

Congratulations Nina and Chris!!!


Photographer: Jamie Tervort Photography

Second Photographer: Flying Gull Photography

Dress:: The Bride's Shop:

Hair and Makeup Artist:: Taylor D'Shaw Salon:

Florist:: Every Blooming Thing:

Entertainment:: DJ Darby Crash:

Cake:: Steph's Cakes:

Rings:: Shane Company: