Church & State, UT | Leah & Vincent Wedding

Leah and Vincent’s wedding was perfect. Leah has impeccable taste and so everything was so beautiful! Here’s some of my favorite things that happened at their wedding:

  • First off, the venue was super rad. Church and State used to be a church so it had the high ceilings with the beams and the old brick walls. Plus it had some really cool furniture. The decor was gorgeous. I loved the flowers that Brown Floral did. She had the prettiest arrangements on the tables, in vases, on the cake and for the bouquets. Oh and speaking of the cake, It was so cool! Carrie did awesome.

  • Another thing I loved was their ceremony. It was happy, sweet, and emotional. I loved seeing Leah’s niece and nephew walk down the aisle. They’re so cute! Leah’s dad walked her down the aisle and that was a sweet moment too. I especially loved seeing Vincent’s smile when he saw her walking toward him. That’s always a favorite moment! The whole thing was very happy!

  • I loved hearing the toasts at the luncheon. Vincent’s dad spoke as well as his best friend and Leah’s dad and sister in law spoke. They had some fun stories about the two of them. Oh and the food was amazing! It was catered by Magelby’s– yum.

  • They had hours of dancing and it was so fun! DJ Fayze was an awesome DJ and kept things lively and way fun. It was fun to see what songs would get more people on the dance floor– it was the classics for the older generation like YMCA and it was Get Low (I think) for the younger generation. haha. It was all very entertaining to watch.

  • They had a glow stick exit (my first!)! They had glow sticks while they were dancing too– it was so fun. Then Vincent and Leah drove off in his sick car. He had to stop in the road to do a loud engine rev for everyone and then they sped off down the road.

I’m so happy for them!! Congrats Leah and Vincent!

Photographer: Jamie Tervort Photography

Second Photographer: Flying Gull Photography

Dress:: Chantel Lauren - (@chantellaurendesigns)

Hair and Makeup Artist:: Hair - Shelly Nelson Make-Up - (@jessiemcarthurbeauty)

Florist:: Brown Floral (@brownfloral & @designsbysusie)

Entertainment:: Trio - Geoffrey Miller Band DJ - DJ Fayze (@djfayze)

Food:: Maglebys

Cake:: Carrie's Cakes (@carriescakesut)

Invitations:: Minted

Rings:: Hers - Diamond's Custom Jewelry His - Revolution Jewelry (@revolutionjewelry)

Videographer:: Savannah Richardson (@savvy.films)

Payson Temple, Old Meeting House, UT | Sam & Dallon Wedding

I loved Sam and Dallon’s wedding! They are such a great couple and their wedding was a blast!

Some of my favorite things from their big day were:

  • As soon as Sam and Dallon came out and did their cheer, Sam’s girlfriends ran to her and gave her a big hug and Dallon’s friends ran to him and gave him a big hug.

  • Sam and Dallon’s wedding party was awesome. The girls were so outgoing and fun and looked so pretty in their maroon dresses. And the groomsmen actually had 3 girls in the bunch which I loved!

  • After getting sealed in the temple, they did a ring ceremony at the Old Meeting House. I loved hearing their vows. The best part was when Dallon pulled out his vows and the list ran down to the floor. It was cute!

  • During the luncheon (which was awesome cuz it was catered by Cafe Rio), Dallon’s work friends (Dallon works at the Old Meeting House) thought it would be funny to scare Dallon by bringing out a donut cake instead of the one he made and tell him something happened to it. I don’t think he fell for it for very long. But it was kind of funny. Pretty soon they brought out his 3 layer cheesecake. Ummm it was so amazing! I’m so impressed he made it.

  • During the reception, Sam came over and told me that I should take a break and eat. So while I was eating a delicious crepe, she came over and rubbed my shoulders (she’s a massage therapist). Holy cow, she is the nicest person ever! It made my night! What bride does that? Sam. Sam does that cuz she’s so sweet!

  • Dallon surprised Sam with a song that he wrote and played on his ukelele. It was so stinking cute!

  • Sam and Dallon’s dancing skills are amazing! They love to country swing dance and so they were rocking it on the dance floor. Sam’s dress looked amazing as it flew around.

  • Like I said before, their wedding party was awesome. They danced pretty much the whole time. My favorite part was when they all reenacted the last dance scene off of the movie Hitch. So awesome!

  • Sam and Dallon’s families were beyond so nice. I really loved talking to them. At one point, I tried setting up Sam’s brother with her best friend. Sam took things into her own hands and made them dance. That was great.

  • Their wedding sparkler send off was pretty awesome too. Everything from the day was just so happy and positive and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it!

Congratulations Sam and Dallon!

Photography: Jamie Tervort Photography

Dress:: Gateway Bridal & Prom

Hair and Makeup Artist:: Taylor Simon

Florist:: Stacey Denison

Food:: The Old Meeting House

Cake:: Dallon

Invitations:: BriAnne Mayle

Rings:: Andrew Kuo (E Wedding Bands)

Videographer:: Jazmin McDonald

Payson Utah Temple | Sam & Dallon Formals

These two are a dream to photograph! Dallon’s reaction to seeing Sam in her dress for the first time was so cute! Then they both couldn’t stop laughing after Dallon said something in his batman voice. Then at the temple, they did some swing dancing with the sun setting right behind them. Love these guys!

Dress:: Gateway Bridal & Prom

Hair and Makeup Artist:: Taylor Simon

Florist:: Stacey Denison