I'm so thankful for my sweet sister in law who has chosen to go on a mission. She is going to be so amazing and so many people will love her because of her sweet and caring personality. Plus she is gorgeous. I'm going to miss this lady! 


I think photographing missionaries and seniors is my favorite. They are so fun to work with! Hayden in particular. He was so funny! He was easy to work with because he was easygoing and chill and didn't mind me taking a bunch of pictures of him. In fact, he helped me come up with more ideas. He is a good kid and will be an excellent missionary!

Cary Family

I don't usually have as much fun taking pictures as I did with the Cary Family. They had me cracking up the whole time! Derrick and Ashley are my great neighbors and I just found out they are moving to Hawaii for a little while. I will miss them. They are an amazing couple! Ashley's brother, Joe is leaving on his mission soon, so we had some fun taking pictures of him. Fun family!