Saratoga Springs, UT | Perez Kids

I love seeing my cousin and her cute kiddos! Last year their mom and I had a hard time getting the youngest, Avery to smile for the camera. So this year, I came with treats, with a silly toy, we brought Grandma and eventually we got her to smile!!! Hurrah! It was actually us singing happy birthday to her that made her crack. She's such a sweetie! And so is Maya and Dre!

Jordy | Two Years Old

I love seeing this little girl grow up. She looked so darling in her red dress. We kept trying new things to get her to smile, finally it was telling her to scare us that worked the best! She was all smiles after that. She is so stinking cute! Happy 2nd Birthday (soon) Jordy!

Ruby: One Year Old

Ruby is the cutest little girl. She is so happy and has the sweetest little laugh! She did so good with her pictures! I photographed her newborn pictures not even that long ago it seemed, I can't believe she is one! 

She was so cute and dainty with her cake smash. Dad had to help her out a little bit and dig her hands in and get a little on her face. She didn't like that too much. At the end though, she did like squishing her hands and toes in it. Haha!