Oquirrh Mountain Temple | Mandy & Dylan Wedding

Oh Dylan and Mandy. They are one of my most favorite couples. These 2 exude happiness. They are so sweet and genuine. I was so extremely happy for them to finally get married. They had a long engagement and a long distance relationship so this day was especially especially great! 

The day was so amazing! Things went so well for them! It was so extremely hot on this day and they were troopers during pictures. They are awesome!

After Oquirrh Mountain temple, we went to a close-by church where both of their families decorated the gym so cute! It's hard to decorate those gyms and they did a fantastic job! The decor was darling. They had a waffle bar with all sorts of toppings. It was delicious! 

When the line was done, Mandy and Dylan cut their cake. They were very nice and polite to each other and did no cake smashing. They did do a practice run a week before and went crazy with the cake smashing. It was cute. Then after the cake, they had their first dance. Dylan's sister, who has the most gorgeous voice, sung "To make you Feel My Love". It was special. But then, after that...Dylan surprised Mandy and sung her the cutest song. Sheesh! Could they be any cuter? Dylan is so sweet to her. I loved witnessing this!

Then the dancing broke out! All their mission buddies and nieces and nephews had a blast. They were fun to watch! 

Congratulations Dylan and Mandy. I'm beyond happy for you and hope you are enjoying your new married life together!