Salt Lake Temple | Cheyenne & Tyson Wedding

Tyson and Cheyenne had the most beautiful wedding. She had the most gorgeous dress, hair, makeup and shoes. She is a pretty girl! After they came out, Cheyenne got a little emotional, which was so sweet to see. It must have been a very spiritual and happy ceremony. I'm so happy for them that they are married! 

It was fun to see them hug and talk to everyone who came to support them on their important day. I took all the family pictures, the wedding party pictures and then I got to take just Tyson and Cheyenne around. I love just being with the couple and talking to them to see how things have gone. I feel lucky being a photographer and getting to spend a lot of time with the happy couple on their day. Cheyenne had the cutest shoes on, but they were tall and hurting. After she took them off, she was feeling better, and we did some fun running and spinning shots. 

The reception was so beautiful as well. It was at Cactus and Tropicals. I had so much fun taking the Wedding Party's pictures. They were so hilarious! I was loving their picture ideas. Tyson and Cheyenne's families were so nice too. Their nieces and nephews were so cute in their matching attire. I especially loved the bow ties. It was really a fun reception and I loved the details, the cake, the colors and the people. 

Congrats again Tyson and Cheyenne!