Payson Utah Temple Wedding | Bethany & Nate

I love Bethany and Nate's story. I think I wrote about it in their engagement post, but to sum it up again, they worked together and always had a crush on one another, but no one made the move. After Nate's mission, they ran into each other one day at a WalMart. Nate asked her out and things worked out! They are the sweetest, nicest couple! 

January 16, 2016 was a very cold but a very beautiful day nonetheless. Their exit from the Payson temple was the best. They were smiling ear to ear. Friends and family gave them huge hugs and congratulated both of them. It was very happy to see how many friends and family were there to support them! We hurried and took pictures with the whole fam. We did a formal session earlier in the week at the temple, so I took a few more shots of them and then we were done! I made sure to get that shoe picture that Bethany wanted! I love her purple pumps!

Later that night, their reception was at the Harvest Park Event Center in Mapleton, Utah. It was beautiful! Bethany's family went all out decorating this place. They even made a backdrop for pictures (yay!). And they printed out a few of their engagements on humongous posters! It was so cool to see! We took family portraits and then the party started. They had SO MANY guests come. They are so popular! Bethany and Nate were so happy and smiling the whole time. After the couple hours of the line, they got to cut the cake! Bethany and Nate were very sweet to each other and did not smash the cake in each other's faces. After a bouquet toss and lots of goodbyes, Nathan and Bethany made their big exit out! While they were getting in the car, Bethany was so sweet and turned around to thank me and Elizabeth for photographing her wedding. SHE IS THE BEST. She is so thoughtful! Nate is a lucky man!

I'm so so happy for Nathan and Bethany!

Photography: Jamie Tervort Photography | Second Shooter: Elizabeth Ethier Photography

Dress: Gowns By Pamela

Venue: Payson, Utah Temple and Harvest Park Event Center in Mapleton, Utah

Cake: Costco

Flowers: Jennifer Huff