Tibble Fork Reservoir Engagements | Rachel & Alex

My sister in law is good friends with Rachel and she told her that I do wedding photography. We got in touch and i could tell that we'd be a good fit. She booked me almost right then and there! I am SO excited to photograph their wedding in May. Rachel and her fiance live in Texas right now and will be married in Utah and hopefully will move here as well. Just last week they came to visit and to do some major wedding planning. So we booked their engagements too!

Rachel and Alex love the outdoors so they wanted a beautiful mountain landscape. Tibble Fork was a perfect fit. They were very surprised how much snow there was when we got there. I, knowing that there would be an amazing view if we'd hike a little up the mountain, put them to work. Rachel was in a dress with Ugg boots and Alex was in a nice suit with dressy shoes. Oh boy. Every other step we sunk in to our knees. Yikes! Rachel was so brave though and kept going. We got to the spot where it was just right and they stayed on the path and posed while I work my way around them. Pretty soon I was in the snow up to my waist! I was super nervous on the inside but told them to smile. haha. Hopefully I'd get out. It was well worth the shot.

We did a lot of hiking and trudging through snow. They were adventurous with me. I loved it! They are such a cute couple. They were cracking each other up one moment and kissing the next. It was adorable!