Provo Center Street | Holly & Daren Engagements

Oh, Holly and Daren. They are so stinking cute together.

We had an adventure taking their engagement pictures. We were on the hunt for blossoms on Provo Center Street and we were also trying to avoid the rain! We got lucky with both..for the most part. Right after shooting over by the Nu Skin building, it starting to rain pretty good. We hid underneath an awning of a store for awhile but got a few great shots. Then went around the corner and it stopped raining. Yay. After that spot, they went and changed and it started raining again. As we were walking to another spot, we happened upon these gorgeous purple blossoms. Holy smokes! They were so pretty. And Holly and Daren were being super cute too, so it made the pics great! Then we walked a little further and found a real gem– pink blossoms and more brick walls. Love! Daren came up with a cute idea of blowing the blossom petals in each other's faces. Love those pics. They really made this session so easy. All they did was relax, talk, laugh, and be themselves. That was exactly what I wanted and it made for the cutest pictures! 

So after we finished aka my card was full so it was time to be done, it started pouring! Then it started hailing. We were so wet! It was a fun night with these two!

Can't wait until formals! Loved meeting you guys!