Big Springs Park, Provo Canyon | Kayli & Nathan Engagements

Kayli and Nathan are high school sweethearts. They are their first and only kiss too. And they are SO cute together! I'm so lucky I get to be their wedding photographer. We had a great time taking their engagement pictures. We went on a little hike to get an amazing view of the mountains. I'm glad they were up for it! They did a lot better than me walking up that steep hill. I am out of shape and was afraid I was going to slip! It was all worth it when we got to the top. We got some great pictures.

We got to the second spot just in time before it got completely dark. I felt bad though, I made them late for Kayli's birthday dinner. I have a problem of taking pictures too long. I hope they thought it was worth getting those few extra shots! 

I'm excited for July 8th to come!