Izabelle Grace Newborn

I can't say it enough of how good it was seeing Jerad and Angel again. They became good friends during from when I took their engagements to their wedding day and so I was so thrilled when they asked me to do their baby's pictures! Izabelle Grace is so beautiful! She has so much dark hair and has the prettiest eyes which I think will be blue like her daddy's. Angel is an amazing mother and seriously has taken that role like a champ. She just knows what to do for her little gal! They're great parents. I'm so very happy for them!

Ruby Shea | Lifestyle Newborn Session

I'm always a little hesitant to take newborn pictures because they are so unpredictable! But Ruby did amazing! She would fall right asleep in her mama's arms, but as soon as we laid her down, she'd wake up! After a little milk though, she fell right asleep! She was so good! She even put her hands up by her face for the cutest pose. She's already a model ;) Jorden did an amazing job with her nursery. Sheesh! I loved every detail of that room. It is adorable! I'm so happy for Jorden and J! Ruby Shea is the sweetest!